Pulled like taffy

19 Jan

Freshly squeezed: mammograms save lives t-shirtI had my first mammogram yesterday. I’d heard all sorts of stories about how painful a mammogram can be—they smoosh your boobs with a giant machine after all—so I was a little nervous. The technician joked that some people described the procedure as having their breasts “pulled like taffy.” Odd description, but, whatever. She was an awesome technician, especially for my first time: she explained how everything would work and thoroughly answered all my questions. She also let me see the images after she took each one. Very cool. I have to say, the whole thing really wasn’t bad at all. Sure, it was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful. The technician told me that the best way to get through the procedure was to stay relaxed and not tense up. She said that women who tense up often have the worst time with the procedure. Guess I stayed relaxed enough 🙂 Actually, the most painful part was at home later that evening. At the beginning of the procedure, the technician placed a small bandage with a bead attached across each nipple. The bead shows up on the mammogram and is used as a reference point. But later you get to rip the bandage off…ow, ow, ouch!

At the end, the technician told me that I might get called to come in for more tests since this was my first and sometimes the radiologist wants different views of the breast. She said I shouldn’t panic if I got called. If I didn’t get called by the end of Monday, it meant all was good and there was a letter in the mail telling me so. Our health care provider recently implemented a web-based system for communication with the doctors. Today I received a letter through that system that said (among other things):

No malignant calcifications or architectural distortion is suspected on this baseline examination.
IMPRESSION: No occult malignancy is suspected. Recommend annual screening mammography.

I didn’t realize breast cancer was caused by magic 😉 Seriously though, I’m glad all seems normal.

Here’s, the latest 100 Days Challenge rundown:

  • Day 18: 30 minute treadmill workout
  • Day 19: finally barely warmed up enough to run dogs so my training partner and I each took two teams out for a brief stretch

Tomorrow is going to be tricky. Work, then a quick errand, then home to get dogs to go to the holistic vet for chiropractic exams. It’s going to be late before I get a chance to do my 30 minutes. I hope I have the energy…

One Response to “Pulled like taffy”

  1. Annie August 11, 2014 at 9:27 am #

    Mammo’s do not save lives….By sqeezing the breast cancer might even spread. There is more to it then us being told. T-shirt I dont find appropreate. Mammo’s are woman unfriendly… period.

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